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Garrison Forest School

Equestrian Institute

The new Garrison Forest Equestrian Institute is designed to give competitive riders the opportunity to advance their skills, expand their horsemanship knowledge and compete at a high level while enjoying the benefits and camaraderie of riding in a school program. Participation in the Equestrian Institute will combine an in-depth equestrian program with a full Garrison Forest academic curriculum uniquely customized for top riders. Students in grades 6-12 are eligible to apply for this rigorous and personalized program that prepares girls to rise to the academic and athletic challenge of being student-riders at Garrison Forest and in college.


• Board of horse/pony
• Training ride
•  Group lessons plus 3 private or semi-private lessons each week
•  Program manager to handle daily  horse care, scheduling, travel  arrangements and registration
•  Daycare and coaching fees  for shows
•  Minimum of one rated  show/month
•  Two to three weeks of  a winter circuit
• One field trip/month
• Wellness program
•  Excused absences for horse shows (minimum one day/month)
• Approved tutors allowed
* Must own or lease a horse. Fee does not include lodging, entry fees and  travel expenses.